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The Icanplaydrums.com workbook is over 140 pages long and covers the full gammut of techniques and styles for the modern drummer, with detailed explanations and full notated exercises and solos. Also included are over 120 MP3 playalong tracks in a range of Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin and World styles.

Some of the topics covered, include:

* Hand technique, reading and rudiments
* Pedal technique, foot patterns and ostinatos
* Basic rhythm reading through to advanced
* Rock, Blues, Funk, Fusion, Odd Times, Double Bass Drums
* Samba, Batucada, Bossa Nova, Afro Cuba, Salsa, Songo
* Jazz independence, brushes, soloing concepts
* 15 beginner, intermediate and advanced Drum Solos
* Fully notated practice routines for stick technique and drumkit technique

This is a digital downloadable course, not a physical product. After sucessful payment, you will be redirected to a download page where you can download the PDF Workbook and the MP3 playalong tracks.

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