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Got boring fills?

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Dear friend,

Straight up, the number one mistake EVERY drummer makes at some point, is to learn a new fill, then once they've mastered it - learn a completely brand new fill from scratch. Massive NO NO! If you do this you have probably learnt about 3% of the possibilities for that fill! Not to mention, learning another new fill is going to take you a LONG time..

Why not get more mileage out of the fill you just learnt? You bothered to put in all the effort in the first place right? Don't you want to cash in on that effort? Of course you do.

Wicked 16th Fills shows you the fastest way to expand your fill set, by teaching you core patterns, then re-orchestrating those patterns around the kit. This means you only have to learn the patterns once, then there are limitless versions and variations you can come up with. And of course, the best ones I show you in the videos!

These fills can be applied to literally any style, so you know you are learning something you will get real world use from, in any style of music.

Wicked 16th Fills comes in .mov files that can be played on any Windows or Mac computer, plus any tablet, smartphone or portable media device.

* Instant product download! * No waiting for a bulky DVD product in the mail!
* Compatible on ANY computer or device! * No Windows vs Mac compatibility issues!
* Potentially unlimited fills! * No inflated DVD prices!
* Step by step lessons from a qualified teacher! * No streaming from a paid membership site!