Learn How To Play The Drums Online With 250 Free HD Video Lessons!

It's Finally Here! After 100's Of Requests After The Original Youtube Video, The Versatile Drummer Is Now Available As An All Inclusive Instructional Product!

Every single style, technique and concept from the video taught in this digital download course..

Dear Drummer,

Welcome to the official launch of The Versatile Drummer Digital. This much anticipated release details all 25 styles/ideas from the original popular Youtube demonstration video, with step by step lessons that guide you every step of the way.

Since we uploaded The Versatile Drummer in 2012, we have received over 400 emails from our subscribers, asking us to teach them how to play everything demonstrated. Well, now you don't have to wait any more!

Instead of trying to figure out what I'm playing, how about I show you..

We have spent 2 months filming and editing one of our largest ever courses, with full HD video, 6 camera angles, and crystal audio, so that you can benefit immediately and improve your drumming! We have deliberately kept the instruction to exactly what is played in the Youtube video, so you don't get distracted or discouraged from a pile of variations on each idea.

Here is what you will learn:

1) The Funky Thing
2) Straight Groove
3) Half Time Shuffle
4) Fast Linear Cowbell
5) Funky Cowbell
6) Heavy
7) Slow Soft Pop
8) Jazz Shuffle / Texas Shuffle
9) Hihat Samba
10) Batucada
11) Fast Latin Jazz
12) Mozambique
13) Afro Cuban
14) Songo
15) New Orleans
16) Rudimental
17) Flams And Rolls
18) Flams In 7
19) Time Inside Time
20) 4 Over 5
21) Unmusical
22) Expanding Rhythms
23) Jazz In 6/8
24) Fast Jazz
25) Small Chops

Talk about a small army of styles!

What are the benefits to you?

* You will expand your drumming knowledge base quickly and efficiently!
* You will become highly employable! How many gigs do you think a 3 beat rock drummer does a year?.. :(
* You will gain an appreciation of new styles of music you previously didn't understand!
* You can make more money, doing more gigs!

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What are the benefits of a digital download course?

* You download the course immediately after your purchase clears. Typically after 10 seconds!
* All the videos are full HD so you can play them on a big screen and not get that pixelated look!
* The videos are MP4's, so you can watch them on any computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone!
* No inflated costs with added printing, duplication, wrapping, fullfillment - it's the Digital Age!

* You have unlimited access to the download page, with no time limit!
* You have unlimited customer support, regarding any playing questions you may have!
* You are legally allowed to transfer the files to up to 3 different devices!
* A one time payment, never pay again!

Have you seen the price of drum courses lately? WOAH!

People are still charging $149 for DVD courses, which are the same length as Versatile Drummer, but on DVD. I've seen them recently as high as $249. In this day and age of instant digital downloads, no one's buying that bluff.


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