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Dear Drummer,

Are you new to the drumkit, or have you been playing for a while and hit a wall with your improvement?
It happens to all of us, and it is downright frustrating! If I told you I had a proven way to improve your playing 50% faster than any other method ever created, online or offline, would you be excited?

If you're like most people you have or you will experience improvement block on the drums. You're either uninspired, you feel that a certain beat or pattern is too difficult, or you simply cannot read or grasp certain information. As a professional teacher for over 10 years, these 3 factors have been the most consistent problems my students have faced. And I've since used multimedia to make a drastically better teaching model. But first..

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I promise to keep this very short.. My name is Jack Bennett and I've been playing and teaching professionally for over 15 years. I've played, taught and competed all over the world in every professional music scene, below is a quick list of career highlights to date..

1997 - Scored States highest drumkit CAT exam, won every State and National Stage Band Championship in Australia.
1998 - Won "Australia's Best Up And Coming Drummer" competition, open division, aged 18
1999 - Musically directed and toured my own corporate band to China
2000 - Drummer in national smash hit show, "Grease! The Mega Musical" (SEL / GFO)
2002 - Drummer in Australia's highest ever selling show, "Shout!" (Jacobsen Ent)
2003 - Drummer onboard the inaugural cruise for Oceania's "Regatta" cruise ship
2004 - Resident drummer in The Australian Showband
2006 - Drummer in New York smash hit show, "Hedwig And The Angry Inch" (Showtune)
2007 - Drummer in "Moonshadows" the Cat Stevens show (McPhersons)
2008 - Sleishman Drum Company launch of the "Jack Bennett Signature Series Snare" worldwide

* I've also played in countless rock, cover, jazz and latin bands and I'm internationally endorsed by the following companies..

Ok, Ok enough on me.. Why am I telling you all this? Anyone can claim they've played in a rock, church or original band. I listed the profile gigs I've done so that you know what I teach is based on professional experience, and I teach what works. So..

It has been proven that by seeing something, reading something, and hearing something all at the same time you can improve your uptake and comprehension by up to 50% faster than just seeing, reading or hearing alone. So let me introduce you to our breakthrough concept - Ezybeats.

Ezybeats are a 3 way multimedia learning tool - you See me play the drums in split screen (4 HD camera angles), you Hear me play the drums, and the DVD Reads you the music with a cursor scrolling through it, perfectly in sync with my drumming.

Many people sell split screen videos, some even add a picture of music to the clip - unfortunately simply placing the music onscreen doesn't help if you can't read music.

Our Ezybeats are the ONLY videos where the computer reads the music in sync with the drumming, and this is crucial for your development. 
* 4 1920x1080 HD camera angles
* Notated music that reads itself
* Next pattern in sequence on screen
* Stylistically matched backing music
* Workbook title, page number and tempo 

Like the idea? Would you like over 700 Ezybeats? Ezybeats get around most of the reading and comprehending problems we face, but what about being uninspired? I have always found the best way to get inspired is to learn something BRAND NEW! A new drum solo idea, a cool beat, a new style.. So with all of this in mind..

Allow me to introduce the most in depth, comprehensive and detailed Drum DVD / Workbook course ever assembled..


  UDS DIGITAL features ALL the content from the original 12 Disc Course!   
Rhythm UK Mag said of our now updated UDS 2007 course:
"..the best and certainly cheapest one-stop course I've ever seen!"
* Awarded 5 Stars *


For over 8 years now, Ultimate Drumming Solution (UDS) has been the most popular drum course sold on the internet, and with the new digital version we've made it even easier to get your drum lessons! But first, here's a little heads up..

With Online And Regular Drum Lessons!

1. You can spend anywhere from $1,000 - $2,000 a year on regular drum lessons, and that's IF you can find a good teacher in your area. Not to mention, if you're a beginner, how do you know if the teacher IS any good? Then you have to drive to the lessons every week, buy countless books, and if you forget something, you have to pay for a new lesson.

2. Paid online drum lesson sites reduce the quality of their videos to improve download times. Add to this the 100's of videos you have to download and you've quickly chewed up your monthly download limit with poor quality video.

3. Some lessons sold on CD have the same quality issue as a CD only holds 700MB of data. Furthermore some of these are incompatible with MAC computers and regular DVD or DVD-ROM players, and some require a net connection for access.

4. Lack of experience. Some people who sell lessons online aren't even professional drummers - this is why they never list the exact gigs they've done. Instead they list names of their teachers (why?) and list logos of the equipment they play in an effort to appear affiliated with that company, which they aren't. They teach the most basic of content promoted as "secrets" or "revolutionary", and often charge well over $100 for small DVD sets that only cover one topic - like Rock Drumming.

5. Useless Content. Some people selling DVD packs online expand their DVD's with endless exercise variations (that you would never actually use) just so they can make the ONE TOPIC (like Rock Drumming) they're teaching seem more involved than it actually is. If anything this has a negative affect on the student, drowning them in useless content.
Ultimate Drumming Solution Digital gets around all these problems. With UDSD you have a private drum tutor you can access 24 hours a day, with a virtually unlimited amount of drum beat, fill, style and solo material to access across all styles. All in multiple video formats to suit your various playback devices; from DVD to ipad, iphone, laptop, etc

With Ultimate Drumming Solution Digital - You Still Get ALL The Content From The Original 12 DVD Course but as MP4 videos - Here's What That Covers:


DVD 1 - Getting Started

In the "Getting Started" DVD, we'll assume you're an absolute raw beginner who's never setup or tuned their kit, and never chosen or picked up a pair of sticks. Here I show you how to safely setup your kit, 4 piece or 5 piece, how to adjust your kit to suit YOUR body, and how to tune your kit for different styles and sounds.

I also show you why drums sound different based on their construction material, diameter, depth, ply thickness, bearing edge shape, lacquer and drumskin model. Why cymbals sound different depending on their B20 or B8 forumla, hammering and lathing techniques, and 20 different cymbal sounds from hihats, crashes, splashes, rides and effects cymbals!


DVD 2 - Hand Technique

In this DVD I show you all of the most common and effective ways to move and control the stick. From basics like stick balance point and fulcrum, stick alignment such as German, French and American grip, The Rebound Stroke, Wrist Stroke, Moeller Technique, Push-Pull Technique, Stick Heights & Volumes, Gears & Speeds.

The basics behind Drumkit Technique - gaining maximum speed and control around the kit for minimal energy invested. I also touch on the subject of complimentary exercise programs for drumming, do they work? If so what kind of training will aid and supplement your drumming.


DVD 3 - Foot Technique

In this DVD we look at various foot techniques and how to combine them with our hand technique to gain beginner to advanced independence. Heel Up VS Heel Down. How to position your foot on the pedals. Advanced hihat techniques like splashing and kicking.

Independence between both hands, both feet, hands and feet, hands over ostinatos, independence patterns that sound like beats and how to use independence training to develop musical patterns that you would actually use in a live music setting.


DVD 4 - Reading Music.

This is no where near as hard as people think! Once you understand the basics, it all falls in to place. If you've been putting off learning to read, I take you step by step through everything you need to know as a drummer. We don't do key signatures, scales and modes - why? Drummers don't use them.

We cover clefs, staves, time signatures, note heads, flags, stems, beams, odd time signatures and heaps more. All easily digestible information.

DVD 5 - How To Practice.

This DVD will get you maximizing your practice time. How to practice effectively in front of mirrors, using texta angles on the mirrors to help with stick heights. How to practice properly to a metronome, how to cancel out the drum sound and bring the metronome louder with either in ear monitors, noise cancellation headphones or iPod plugs and ear muffs.

How to play in the direct centre of the beat to develop your internal clock, and most importantly how to generate a practice routine that is 100% guaranteed to build your technique and control, pattern vocabulary and playing experience all at the same time, whether you have 1 or 30 hours per week to dedicate to practicing.

DVD 6 - Rock Beat Builder 1.

There is no point teaching you beats as style specific, like our competitors do. There is no such thing as a Hard Rock Beat vs an Alternative Rock Beat vs a Pop Rock Beat. Any pattern can be used in any style.

This DVD teaches you the basic rock beats such as quarter note beats, 8th note, 8th rest, hihat glisses, drum fills, advanced 32nd note beats and advanced hihat broken beats. Finally there is an entire section of hihat beats that uses the Moeller Technique in a very unusual but effective way!

DVD 7 - Rock Beat Builder 2.

Picking up from where the last Rock Beat Builder DVD finished up, this DVD gets you playing advanced rock and funk beats, that once again, can be played in a multitude of styles.

Odd time signatures, Tom Tom Beats, Advanced Bass Drum Beats, Half Time Shuffles, Advanced Hihat Techniques and more, this DVD will really extend your beat vocabulary!

DVD 8 - Speed & Control Workshop

Let's face it, we all want more speed.. but what's the point of having speed if we can't control it. Would you drive a Ferrari with no brakes or steering wheel? In this DVD I show you a multitude of exercises that are guaranteed to develop your speed and control at the same time, within the same exercise.

Get more bang for your buck by developing both hands at the same rate and gain total mastery over your sticks being able to combine any speed with any dynamic level. An absolutely essential DVD.

DVD 9 - Essential Jazz

In the Essential Jazz DVD, you're shown the most common Jazz fundamentals and styles, the Jazz Ride pattern, "four on the floor", the Jazz Shuffle, the 2 feel, the Walking Four, the Jazz Waltz, Brush Technique and Bass Drum, Snare Drum and Hihat Independence.

Also included are a complete set of Jazz fills to compliment all the beats you learn.

DVD 10 - Essential Latin

In this DVD you are shown step by step how to break down, count and play a diverse cross section of popular Latin American beats on the drums. These styles include a mixture of the most popular Brazilian, Cuban and even Jamaican styles, such as:

Bossa Nova
Salsa / Songo
Afro Cuban
Snare Sambas

DVD 11 - The Rudiments

The Rudiments are set sticking patterns designed to develop your technique, speed and control. In this DVD I will show you all of the 40 standard rudiments. I will also show you techniques for analyzing potential problems, such as: overcoming a slow hand, getting perfectly straight bouncing, repetitive strain injury.

I also cover "rudiments inside rudiments" which is an interesting look and effective way of analyzing what is happening with each hand inside every single rudiment (and a great way of spotting potential problems).

Disc 12 - Playalong Minus Drums CD

In this 12th disc you get a whopping 100+ playalong tracks to jam along to, that are the exact same tracks found in the ezybeats. These tracks are recorded in stereo and have the drum tracks removed.

Here you can print out the written content from the PDF files and jam along with a professional band in heaps of different styles - Rock, Pop, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Bebop, Samba, Salsa, Batucada, Soca and heaps more!

You've put in the hard yards learning the beats, now get the real value from them by playing in a musical context! These tracks are professionally mastered band tracks, not cheesy midi files. Click the sample..

So What's The Difference With The New Digital MP4 Version?

With the speed and availability of broadband internet, DVD's are becoming obsolete. With UDS Digital you get all the original content from the 12 Disc Course as hi res MP4 download files. You download the videos IMMEDIATELY after purchase, so there is no waiting and no extra shipping cost.

Also the videos are yours to keep - no streaming! Some similar products on the internet are setup as a paid members section. So you have to be online, login to a website and stream the same videos over and over. This quickly chews up your monthly internet bandwidth. With UDS Digital you download all videos to your hard drive and that's the end of it. From there you can watch on your computer, laptop, iphone, ipad etc without having to burn, rip or steal the videos.



Want a Second Opinion? This is what our customers have to say about the course..

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Vincent, CA

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What about video testimonials?

So How Does UDS Digital Stack Up Against Our Online Competitors?

Our online competitors charge $117US for 4 disc Rock Drumming Sets that cover around 1/3rd the content of Ultimate Drumming Solution. UDS is not only 3 times bigger, it's also $20-$30 cheaper!

The Criteria


Our Online Competition

1) Variety Of Content Covered Within The ONE Training Pack   * All Hand & Foot Techniques:
3 Grips, Rebound, Wrist, Moeller, PushPull, Heights & Volumes, Gears & Speeds, Heel Down & Up, Heel Toe, Drumkit Technique, One Hand Roll, Reading Music and heaps more..
  Stick grip and wrist stroke  
2) Variety Of Styles Covered Within The ONE Training Pack   Rock Basic Int & Adv, Blues Shuffle, 12/8 Blues, Half Time Beats, Half Time Shuffle, Jazz, Jazz 4 Way Independence, Latin Independence, Samba, Bossa, Salsa, Brushes, Batucada, Songo, too many to mention here..   Rock  
3) How Many Discs In The Training Pack?   12 + 5 Video Bonuses   5  
4) Playalong Backing Tracks Included?   130 in ALL styles   15  
5) Clips With Cursor Scrolling Through Music + Drumming + Live Backing Music   Over 700   None  
6) DVD's Dedicated To Effective Practice Routines   1 Entire DVD - Fast Track Your Practice   None  
7) Price?   Cheaper - guaranteed!   Consistently too expensive  
8) Available as Digital Download?   Always   Paid online streaming site. The videos are never yours and you must re download every video, every time.  


And Don't Forget..

All 12 Discs (11 DVD's / 1 CD) have their own PDF workbook (as well as the Interactive PDF's)!


OK Jack, so I assume this mega digital pack is going to cost like $1,000?

Fear not! Since you're a subscriber I'm going to make this affordable. The truth is mega download/DVD packs in other industries do cost anywhere from $500-$1,000 - I have paid $799US for an 8 DVD pack before and it was worth every cent. But don't worry I ain't charging you anywhere near that...

Most drum DVDs on Amazon sell for around $30US - which would make UDS Digital's equivalent 12 DVD's cost $360!!

Not only is UDS Digital the most complete digital drumming pack ever put together, it's also the cheapest ever sold. You will only pay..

Plus you get our famous 100% 90 day Money Back Guarantee - no questions asked, simply email us if you're not satisfied with the product.