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Congratulations! You have just found the Number 1 tool that will take your drumming to new heights.
Total Drumming Success System (TDSS) is essentially a "brain dump" of everything I know about with playing the drums; from my 20+ years behind the set, on stage, touring and recording.

Designed for drummers of all skill levels, at any age, TDSS makes no assumptions and leaves no one behind with its powerful combination of instruction topics; covering all techniques, concepts and styles of drumming. TDSS truly leaves no stone unturned, with a staggering 20 DVD's, 18 Playalong CD's, and 22 PDF Workbooks.


Irrespective of your drumming background or current goals, TDSS has you covered from every angle. Simply put, this is the course I wish I had when I started out! And it is 100% 90 Day Money Back Guaranteed. Just some of the TDSS drumming topics you will learn include:

Hand technique, foot technique, 4 way independence, gear selection, setup and tuning, how to read music, how to practice, how to play Rock, Grunge, Funk, Punk Pop, Acoustic Rock, Country, Blues, Shuffles, Halftime Shuffles, Fills, Licks, Open Drum Solos, Hits & Vamps, Samba, Bossa, Songo, Salsa, Mozambique, Soca, Mambo, Cha Cha, Batucada, Afro Cuban, Reggae, Jazz Swing, Jazz shuffles, 3/4 Jazz, Brush Technique, Bebop, Trad Jazz, African styles like Bikutsi, Akom, Ekang, Adowa, other world styles like Klezmer, Zydeco and all the traditional marches and dances!

Aside from the in depth step by step drumming instruction, what really separates TDSS from every other course is its content on drumming related topics. Why is this information important?

Well, if you're anything like me, you weren't born into a family of professional musicians. When you need to learn something new about a certain technique, style of drumming, or recording technique, do you ask your parents or siblings? Me neither. Let me save you countless years from the school of hard knocks, and give you a head start on your competition. This stuff is the real nuts and bolts of entering, or advancing in, the music industry.

With TDSS I brought in leading industry experts so you could hear exactly what is required from the real deal. And it doesn't matter whether you want to be a career drummer or a weekend warrior - ALL of this information is relevant.

You will also learn:

* How to get endorsements (live interview with Sabian Cymbals rep)
* How to get gigs through agents or venues direct (live interview with Entertainment Agent)
* How to adapt multiple Latin percussion parts into drum beats (live Percussionist - this will blow you away, trust me)
* How to close and open mic your kit, live on stage or in a recording studio (actual live session)
* How to approach a recording session; choosing gear to suit the song, the mixdown, the entire recording chain
* How to build a professional recording studio at home without going broke
* How to market yourself and get gigs freelancing


Plus do you currently play in, or aspire to play in a band? Then you'll need to know:

* How to get original, cover, corporate, wedding, function, cruise ship, pro theatre and touring gigs
* How to setup and run a professional band; tax benefits, business registration, marketing, create free websites
* How to effectively sing in a band to take your performance and band sound to the professional level
* How to make a living playing, touring and teaching music
* How to setup a PA system at gigs (actual live demonstration on JBL Eon PA System)
* How to run a digital vs analogue mixing console, backing tracks and more
* How to use absorption, reflection, diffusion, acoustic foam, acoustic panels and bass traps to transform a dull room into a great sounding recording space


It's actually hard to get your head around the entire magnitude of Total Drumming Success System. It is SO MUCH MORE than a "learn to play drums" course as you can see above. Let me breakdown each of the DVD's and CD's for you quickly..


DVD 1 - Getting Started

In the "Getting Started" DVD, we'll assume you're an absolute raw beginner who's never setup or tuned their kit, and never chosen or picked up a pair of sticks. Here I show you how to safely setup your kit, 4 piece or 5 piece, how to adjust your kit to suit YOUR body, and how to tune your kit for different styles and sounds.

I also show you why drums sound different based on their construction material, diameter, depth, ply thickness, bearing edge shape, lacquer and drumskin model. Why cymbals sound different depending on their B20 or B8 forumla, hammering and lathing techniques, and 20 different cymbal sounds from hihats, crashes, splashes, rides and effects cymbals!


DVD 2 - Hand Technique

In this DVD I show you all of the most common and effective ways to move and control the stick. From basics like stick balance point and fulcrum, stick alignment such as German, French and American grip, The Rebound Stroke, Wrist Stroke, Moeller Technique, Push-Pull Technique, Stick Heights & Volumes, Gears & Speeds.

The basics behind Drumkit Technique - gaining maximum speed and control around the kit for minimal energy invested. I also touch on the subject of complimentary exercise programs for drumming, do they work? If so what kind of training will aid and supplement your drumming.

DVD 3 - Foot Technique

In this DVD we look at various foot techniques and how to combine them with our hand technique to gain beginner to advanced independence. Heel Up VS Heel Down. How to position your foot on the pedals. Advanced hihat techniques like splashing and kicking.

Independence between both hands, both feet, hands and feet, hands over ostinatos, independence patterns that sound like beats and how to use independence training to develop musical patterns that you would actually use in a live music setting.

DVD 4 - Reading Music.

This is no where near as hard as people think! Once you understand the basics, it all falls in to place. If you've been putting off learning to read, I take you step by step through everything you need to know as a drummer. We don't do key signatures, scales and modes - why? Drummers don't use them.

We cover clefs, staves, time signatures, note heads, flags, stems, beams, odd time signatures and heaps more. All easily digestible information.

DVD 5 - Rudiments.

The Rudiments are set sticking patterns designed to develop your technique, speed and control. In this DVD I will show you all of the 40 standard rudiments. I will also show you techniques for analyzing potential problems, such as: overcoming a slow hand, getting perfectly straight bouncing, repetitive strain injury.

I also cover "rudiments inside rudiments" which is an interesting look and effective way of analyzing what is happening with each hand inside every single rudiment (and a great way of spotting potential problems).

DVD 6 - How To Practice.

This DVD will get you maximizing your practice time. How to practice effectively in front of mirrors, using texta angles on the mirrors to help with stick heights. How to practice properly to a metronome, how to cancel out the drum sound and bring the metronome louder with either in ear monitors, noise cancellation headphones or iPod plugs and ear muffs.

How to play in the direct centre of the beat to develop your internal clock, and most importantly how to generate a practice routine that is 100% guaranteed to build your technique and control, pattern vocabulary and playing experience all at the same time, whether you have 1 or 30 hours per week to dedicate to practicing.

DVD 7 - Rock Beat Builder 1.

There is no point teaching you beats as style specific, like our competitors do. There is no such thing as a Hard Rock Beat vs an Alternative Rock Beat vs a Pop Rock Beat. Any pattern can be used in any style.

This DVD teaches you the basic rock beats such as quarter note beats, 8th note, 8th rest, hihat glisses, drum fills, advanced 32nd note beats and advanced hihat broken beats. Finally there is an entire section of hihat beats that uses the Moeller Technique in a very unusual but effective way!

DVD 8 - Rock Beat Builder 2.

Picking up from where the last Rock Beat Builder DVD finished up, this DVD gets you playing advanced rock and funk beats, that once again, can be played in a multitude of styles.

Odd time signatures, Tom Tom Beats, Advanced Bass Drum Beats, Half Time Shuffles, Advanced Hihat Techniques and more, this DVD will really extend your beat vocabulary!

DVD 9 - Essential Fills.

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to figure out all your favorite drum fills from records? That is exactly why this DVD is in the set. Over 20 of the most common fills of all time!

Beware though, these fills are more advanced than your stock standard rock and jazz fills; here we cover the more advanced fills used by the masters in many styles. I save you the work of trying to figure out the most effective and easy to use sticking patterns, it's already been worked out for you! An essential disc in the collection.

DVD 10 - Drum Solos.

Here's your chance to shine behind the drums.. the band cuts out, the spotlight turns to the drum riser, the question is - what are you going to play?

Why do some drum solos leave the audience shell shocked, while others send them to sleep? (Here's a tip - its got nothing to do with fast chops). In this DVD we look at how to effectively construct open and extended drum solos with sections and musical phrases, as well as soloing over band hit sections, rhythm section vamps and a whole lot more. Special guest, Daniel Luttick also shows you a different take on open drum solos - this guy really tears the roof down! An absolute highlight!

DVD 11 - Speed & Control Workshop

Let's face it, we all want more speed.. but what's the point of having speed if we can't control it. Would you drive a Ferrari with no brakes or steering wheel? In this DVD I show you a multitude of exercises that are guaranteed to develop your speed and control at the same time, within the same exercise.

Get more bang for your buck by developing both hands at the same rate and gain total mastery over your sticks being able to combine any speed with any dynamic level. An absolutely essential DVD.

DVD 12 - Jazz Basics.

The first of 2 Jazz DVD's, this DVD shows you the most common Jazz fundamentals and styles, the Jazz Ride pattern, "four on the floor", the Jazz Shuffle, the 2 feel, the Walking Four, the Jazz Waltz, as well as an in depth look at 5 different brush technique's.

Also included are a complete set of Jazz fills to compliment all the beats you learn.

DVD 13 - Jazz Advanced.

Picking up from DVD 12, here we cover ALL the major independence techniques so we can: 1) improvise freely, 2) comp behind other soloists, and 3) drum solo and trade solos with other musicians.

Snare, bass drum and even hihat independence is taught across all subdivisions under the jazz core pattern as well as fast jazz concepts and techniques. Not for the faint hearted!

DVD 14 - Latin Styles 1

You are going to absolutely love these 2 Latin DVD's! Melbourne percussionist, Phil Binotto, demonstrates all the parts to 8 different Brazilian and Cuban rhythms, playing as many as 6 different instruments per style. Then I show you how each of these styles has been condensed and adopted to the western drumkit.

DVD 15 - Latin Styles 2

Covering even more Latin Styles not found in the first DVD. Here's a sample list of Latin American styles taught and discussed:

The 8 Clave Rhythms, Basic Samba, Advanced Samba, Batucada, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Songo, Mozambique, Mambo, Cha Cha, Soca, Cascara, Biaio, Tumbao, Snare Drum Samba, Tom Based Latin and heaps more, all taught from the original percussion parts, then the drumkit adaptations!

DVD 16 - African & World Styles.

Here's something a little different, and you won't find it in our competitors DVD's. You can also adopt African & West African beats like Bikutsi, Akom, Adowa and Ekang to the drumkit. They have a very interesting and unique flavor, and a very powerful rhythmic (sometimes polyrhythmic) feel.

If you're after something different to spice up your drumkit playing, try the African and other World Styles in this DVD!

DVD 17 - How To Do & Get Gigs.

This DVD cuts right to the chase. Let's face it, we all want more gigs. We don't all know how to get them, however, or even what's out there to get. Here I show you all the types of scenes that are available to work in, the unique audition processes to each, singing in a band, how to get a professional band demo package together, what it should include, and how to approach venues and entertainment agents.

If you want to put your best foot forward and be taken seriously when you enter the Music Industry, you must watch this DVD!

DVD 18 - Live Band Scenario.

This might be the most important DVD in the set. Let's assume you've got a gig.. this DVD will walk you step by step through the ENTIRE process. Assessing your setup space, micing up your kit through the "drum loom", how to setup an entire PA system step by step, how to setup foldback monitors, how to run backing tracks through your iPod, using "in ear monitors" live and so much more. Also I breakdown the essential "bits box", custom built flight cases and a whole lot more.

If you want to do gigs, make sure you see this DVD first and save yourself some major headaches!

DVD 19 - The Studio Drummer.

Not all playing is live, there are stacks of opportunities to record in a studio, on TV jingles, radio cuts, original band albums, orchestra pits, corporate band demos, the list goes on.

Learn how to tune your kit and "tune the room" to suit a recording situation, the entire recording process through the audio interface, latency, mic types, how to roll leads without breaking them etc.

To top it off, I show you how I approached 2 actual recording sessions from beginning to end. How I decided what to play, which drums, cymbals and sticks to use, how to tune the kit for the song, what micing technique suited the style and so much more. A very insightful DVD.

DVD 20 - Industry Interviews.

This DVD is very insightful and a lot of fun. Here I bring in the real deal; Bruce Howieson - Melbourne's Sabian Cymbals rep, and John Brown from Australian Entertainment Services.

Hear first hand what it takes to get gigs and get endorsements. Find out exactly what agents, venues and drum companies are looking in an artist or band. Find out what types of bands get gigs, and which lineups plain and simply, DON'T.

Save yourself the effort of putting something together that is flawed to begin with - a must see DVD!

Plus over 130 Playalong Tracks!


CD's 1-6: Over 130 Playalong Tracks With Drums

In this first set of 6 CD's, you'll get all of the backing tracks with the drums included. This way you can hear how the tracks are supposed to be played, how you should be locking in with the track, and the correct beats played from the DVD's.

These CD's cover every style of drumming taught in TDSS!


CD's 7-12: Over 130 Playalong Tracks Without Drums

Once you've played along with the live drums in the tracks above, you're now ready to go solo and play with just the backing band. These tracks include guitars, electric bass, acoustic bass, keyboards, piano and percussion. They are professionally mastered backing tracks, not cheesy midi files.

This is the closest thing you will get to playing with a real live band, across all styles of drumming!


CD's 13-18: Over 130 Playalong Tracks Just Drums

In this set of CD's, I show you what the drum parts should sound like on their own. Often it's bset to hear the drums solo'd without the rest of the track. This way, you can hear every nuance and dynamic in the beat without the backing track covering anything up.

You can either playalong to these drum tracks and try and match up with my playing, or you can use them as a reference for the exact patterns played in the Ezybeats and other Playalong Tracks.

Here's What People & Press Said About Our OLD UDS 2007 Course..
Which was 1/3rd the size and not filmed in HD..

  Rhythm UK Mag says:
"..the best and certainly cheapest one-stop course I've ever seen!"
* Awarded 5 Stars *
PLUS! Don't Forget You Get a PDF Workbook To Go With EVERY DVD! ($49 value)

So How Does TDSS Compare To Our Online Competition?

Simply put, it's a no contest. Yes, that's a bold statement, but let me show you why. Here I'll compare the content of TDSS vs other products of similar size. I'm not going to waste your time comparing to the 4 disc Rock Drumming sets, that's a no brainer.

Total Drumming Success System's DVD's are jam packed with useful content, and no filler. We haven't expanded our set with 3 "Playalong DVDs" or "extra content filmed on the day" DVD's. And we don't give you 1 DVD covering both Jazz & Latin, then tell you to by our other DVD's if you "want more information". Everything you need is here in the one course, with nothing more to buy.

Every TDSS DVD has been meticulously thought out to bring you cutting edge, "cut to the chase" information, in an easy to digest format. Let's see the difference..




Digital Course - you download once No - you must stream Yes
24/7/365 access to downloads / re-downloads Yes Yes
All techniques - hand and foot Yes Yes
Rock / Pop / Blues / Funk / Gospel styles Yes Yes
Jazz styles Half a DVD Yes
Latin styles Half a DVD Yes
Live Percussionist demonstrating every Latin style No Yes
Essential drumming history No Yes
Ezybeats with 4 screens, notation and music Yes Yes
Ezybeats next pattern in the sequence to read ahead No Yes
Interviews with Drum / Cymbal company reps No Yes
Interviews with Entertainment Agents No Yes
Detailed instruction on setting up a PA system No Yes
Detailed instruction of a real recording session No Yes
Detailed instruction on how to setup a professional, gigging band No Yes
Detailed instruction on how to build your own home recording studio No Yes

New digital format - instant download

So how does this new Digital Download Format work? Exactly the same way as all our other products. As soon as your order goes through, you get sent an email with the download link, and begin downloading your videos straight away.

What format are the videos? HD 1280x720 .mov files. These videos are played through Quicktime player, which works on any computer; Windows or Mac. Infact, if you are running a computer that is Windows 7 or higher, you won't even need Quicktime as the later versions of Windows Media Player can also play .mov files.

Either way - whether you have an old or new computer, a Windows or a Mac, tablet, smartphone etc - you can watch these videos!


2 versions: Deluxe or Expansion

There are 2 versions of TDSS available; the Deluxe, or the Expansion. As you probably know, the first 9 TDSS DVD's make up our "Ultimate Drumming Course" (UDS). If you already own UDS, you don't need the deluxe, instead you can purchase the Expansion version, which includes everything not in UDS.

Here's a complete breakdown of what's in either version:



Getting Started
Hand Technique
Foot Technique & Independence
Reading Music
How To Practice
Rock Beat Builder 1
Rock Beat Builder 2
Essential Fills
Drum Solos
Speed & Control Workshop
Jazz Basics
Jazz Advancing
Latin Styles 1
Latin Styles 2
African & World Styles
How To Do & Get Gigs
Live Band Scenario
The Studio Drummer
Industry Interviews
130 Playalong Tracks With Drums
130 Playalong Tracks Without Drums
130 Playalong Tracks Just Drums

The Expansion Set is for customers who already own
Ultimate Drumming Solution.

Expansion includes these sections:

Essential Fills
Drum Solos
Jazz Basics
Jazz Advancing
Latin Styles 1
Latin Styles 2
African & World Styles
How To Do & Get Gigs
Live Band Scenario
The Studio Drummer
Industry Interviews
130 Playalong Tracks With Drums
130 Playalong Tracks Without Drums
130 Playalong Tracks Just Drums

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