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"Feeling Sluggish Around The Drumkit? Get Huge Gains In Speed, Control, Power & Dexterity With A Specific Routine That Will Have You Improving In Days, Not Months!"

Do you feel slow and uncoordinated around the drums?
Has your speed stagnated or even decreased?
Do you have trouble coming up with a proper practice routine geared around getting faster?


Dear Drummer,

If you're like most drummers, you find it hard to play fast without losing control or evenness. You can play your beats and fills up to a certain speed, and as soon as you try to break through to the next level, the wheels fall off and the co-ordination and dexterity fly out the window! Having taught 100's of drummers one on one, I've come to find this is THE most common problem drummers face.. You feel frustrated that you're not fast enough and annoyed that your fast playing sounds uneven.

Recognizing this problem I decided to create a short practice routine that is entirely geared around drumkit speed and control. It is a workout that does 3 things:

1 - Greatly enhances your speed through specific mobility drills around the kit
2 - Greatly increases your ability to maintain control at specific tempos for LONG periods of time
3 - Arms you with a vocabulary of drum fills that you can use in ANY style of drumming
4 - Burns a lot of calories! Added bonus :)

Introducing Ultimate Speed And Control Workout! (SACW)

Ultimate Speed And Control Workout  (SACW) was designed for drummers like you who have a hard time getting any noticeable increase in speed, dexterity, stamina, power or coordination around the drums. The teaching is delivered to you in 5 unique ways so you get a complete understanding of each exercise in the routine, and are not shooting in the dark..


How Does This Differ To The Free Speed Videos At Our Competitors Websites?

You can go right now to our competitors sites and download a bunch of free videos on "how to get fast". I can guarantee once you've watched them, you'll be right back on this page.. The problem is you're not given a full workout that can give you measurable results, your simply told to "try these few exercises and see if they work for you"..

Here is what you get in Speed And Control Workout

Explanation Videos 1280x720 HD - every single exercise in the workout, broken down and explained in fine detail. Get it right from the beginning!

* Take out all the guesswork - here is where I teach you how to play the exercises!
* Specific sticking pattern, concept and technique breakdowns.
* How the exercises are supposed to be executed, shaped and phrased.
* Multi camera angle in 1280x720 HD MP4 format.

Workout Videos 1280x720 HD- this is how your practice routine should look and sound! Thought you were doing structured practice before? Bzzt, you are now!

Audio Ezybeat Files - having trouble following along? See, hear, and read the music all at once. A very handy tool for learning faster.

* Getting lost in the difficult passages? Follow the green cursor and stay on track.
* Live studio quality drums as audio in the background, played by Jack, in sync with the cursor.
* Watch as 1280x720 MOV format - works through Quicktime on either Windows or MAC.
* Audio Ezybeat not included for Afro Mallets due to the Rubato used.

Printable PDF - don't guess or try to remember the routine. Print the PDF and take it to your drumkit.

Audio MP3's - want to listen to the Explanation or Workout videos on the go? All audio from all videos ripped to MP3 for your iPod etc.

So what's the asking price for this all in one package?  

Just $27US, less than the price of a single drum lesson... Any one of the 5 sections above would be worth more than $27 on their own, you get all of them for the one time low price. And, you can download and re download the videos as often as you like. Unlike our competitors, we don't put a 2 download limit per video. Download them when you need them, then come back later, it's up to you!