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"Master Anything On The Drums Using The 40 Rudiments! Unleash The Full Potential Of These Powerful Building Blocks."

Have you reached a road block with your ability on the drumkit?
Still playing the same tired old fills, day in, day out?

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Dear drummer,

You already know - the Rudiments are THE building blocks to your technique on the drumkit. They are what will unlock your playing and remove the physical barrier, so that you can express yourself on the drums, in whatever style you choose. Without the rudiments, your drumming will forever be "stuck in a rut".

However, simply knowing the rudiments is not enough.. Plenty of drummers out there can play the rudiments really well, yet still struggle to develop a solid vocabulary of beats, fills and solo ideas around the kit. This is where Rudiments Around The Kit (RATK) is guaranteed to help you out. We've taken all the guess work out applying the rudiments around the drums, and we show you the fastest and smartest ways to get "drumkit mileage" out of the rudiments.

More than just showing you how to play the rudiments in set configurations, we show you how to expand your skill set even further, by teaching you to "think outside the square" with your rudiments.

RATK has a unique approach and goes a step further than the similar Rudimental teaching systems you see online today. Most training systems online merely show you ways of playing the rudiments as they are traditionally written. However...


* Play the rudiments within new subdivisions!
* Substitute notes for the pedals!
* Play the rudiments in reverse!
* Add extra notes to the rudiments!


1) Every level of drummer is catered for - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each lesson start with basic applications of the rudiments, gradually working through to more advanced applications.

2) 100% downloadable product. No wasting your monthly bandwidth streaming through a paid membership site. You download the videos once, then run them from your hard disc.

3) Transferable files across devices. You can copy these files to your laptop, tablet, smart phone etc. The files work on both Apple and Android.

4) Full HD multi angle learning. The videos are 1280x720 HD, giving you the full HD experience, without being a massive file size that takes forever to download.

5) No waiting. Being a downloadable product, you're not waiting weeks for a bulky DVD product to turn up in snail mail.

6) Much cheaper price. Aside from the further sale price, even at RRP, RATK is still cheaper than our competitors, as we have no duplication, printing, fulfillment or shipping costs to factor in. We have passed these savings on you YOU.

7) Instant downloadable PDF workbooks. As with the videos, there's no waiting for our high quality PDF workbooks. A detailed explanation and all music notation is covered in the PDF workbooks.

8) Instant downloadable MP3 playalongs. Want to jam along to music whilst trying out your new fills? These tracks have been custom built to include either 1 or 2 bars of music, then 1 or 2 bars of click for you to play your fill over.

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Let's take a look at exactly what's inside each section..

  * Single Stroke Roll
* Units Of 4
* Units of 4 + Bass Drum
* Units of 4 + Bass and Flam
* Units of 4 + Bass and Drag * Units of 6
* Units of 6 + Bass Drum
* Units of 6 + Bass and Flam
* Units of 6 + Bass and Drag
* Playing Single Fills Anticlockwise * Units of 8
* Units of 8 + Bass Drum
* Units of 8 + Bass and Flam
* Units of 8 + Bass and Drag
* Playing The Fills In New Subdivisions
  Double Stroke Roll
5 Stroke Roll
6 Stroke Roll
7 Stroke Roll
9 Stroke Roll
10 Stroke Roll
11 Stroke Roll
13 Stroke Roll
15 Stroke Roll
17 Stroke Roll
  The Single Flam
Flam Paradiddle
Swiss Army Triplet
The Flam Accent
Flammed Mill
Inverted Flam Tap
The Flam Tap
Flam Paradiddle-diddle
Adding Extra Bass Drums To Flams
The Flamacue
Using New Subdivisions For Flams
  Single Drag
Lesson 25
Single Ratamacue
Single Drag Tap
Single Dragadiddle
Double Ratamacue
Double Drag Tap
Drag Paradiddle 1
Triplet Ratamacue
Drag Paradiddle 2
  Advanced RH Lead Flams
The Blushda Workshop
Advanced LH Lead Flams
Advanced Flams Moving On To Cymbals
The Herta Workshop
Advanced Ride Cymbal Phrasing
  Basic Accents On Any Note, In Any Subdivision Combinations in 3, 5, and 7 using flams and rolls
3 + 4 Double flam odd combinations
4 + 5
3 + 4 + 5 Unusual patterns in 9 and 10

As always: 100's of Ezybeat videos


All videos work on all devices..



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