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At Icanplaydrums.com we've been producing drumming instructional DVD's since 2006. These days, with the speed and availability of broadband internet, all our courses are delivered digitally; that is you download them to your computer, after payment has gone through. In some instances we give you hi res files so you can custom burn your own DVD's. We don't sell DVD's anymore, as they're slowly becoming obsolete.

The 5 BIG advantages of our digital products:

1) You get the product immediately, no shipping delays, no added shipping cost
2) You have lifetime access to the download page, you can download files as you need them, then come back later
3) You don't have to chew up your bandwidth by streaming (like our competitors paid membership sites) you download the files to your computer, then watch them from there. No streaming needed!
4) The products are cheaper, because there is no duplication, printing, packaging and fulfillment costs added on top
5) You can transfer the files to your mobile phone, portable media device, laptop, thumb drive, iPad, iPhone etc

Product Catalogue

We have products that cater for every drummer, no matter what your style or ability level.

Free online lessons and weekly "Live Lessons" are great, but you are only ever watching the teacher, they aren't watching you. How can they analyze your playing and help you? We offer weekly Skype lessons with Jack. No on going contracts, no peak hour traffic. Lessons are avilable from ages 8 and above, anywhere in the world. All styles taught, and all abilities catered for, from raw beginner to seasoned pro. All you need is reliable internet on your computer, laptop, tablet or media device and you're good to go. Skype itself is free to download, and free to use (it uses your internet connection). Read more



Our flagship product, this 40 disc set (22 DVDs, 22 PDFs, 18 CDs), is the world's most complete instructional product for drummers. Covering every drumming topic in Ultimate Drumming Solution Digital (see below), TDSS goes to the next step offering insight into drummer related topics, like; studio drumming, setting up and running a band, how to get gigs, how to get endorsements, industry interviews with entertainment agents and Sabian cymbals reps, how to build a recording studio. TDSS also comes with over 130 playalong tracks, with drums, without drums and just drums.

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Our most popular and cost effective product, UDS Digital includes all material from the original 12 disc course (11 DVDs, 1 CD). UDS covers a huge variety of topics for all levels of drummer, such as; drumkit setup and tuning, stick and pedal technique, 4 way independence, rock, funk, blues, punk drumming, jazz and Latin American drumming, speed and control workshop, stacks of playalong tracks, and our trademark 4 Screen HD Ezybeat clips! More



Need some high qualiy, varied tempo, stylistaclly diverse playalong tracks for drums? Then look no further than Playalong Tracks For Drums. This collection of over 130 playalong tracks covers a wide range of styles, from Rock, Pop, Blues, Funk, Linear, Jazz, Latin, Odd Times, and heaps more. We all know that learning patterns and vocab from books and DVD's in great, but if you don't currently play in a great sounding band, how will you ever start to use this vocab in a proper musical environment? These playalong tracks will get you up to speed! More



Are you serious about your drumming health? Drumming as an artform has many physical and psychological benefits, however 100's of the same repetitions can also pull your body out of alignment when certain muscles become strong, overactive and tight, whilst others become weak, inactive and loose. The Drumming Body takes a fresh look at what happens inside the body when we play drums, and explores a preventative prespective on maintaining mobility, flexibility and functional strength. More



The Versatile Drummer takes all 25 styles and ideas from the original popular Youtube video and breaks them down in complete detail. All techniques and concepts are looked at in depth, from 6 HD camera angles. If you liked the original video, then this is your perfect companion to learning everything you saw! More



The latest package from Icanplaydrums.com, Euro Tour Drum Lessons was shot at 7 locations through Europe; from Italy, Germany, Holland, France and beyond. This package covers some exciting and essential grooves that you only need a kick, snare and hats to play. More



Bass Drum Solution is your one stop solution for all things pedals! Topics covered include the basics of positioning, balance, posture, how the pedals work, heel up vs heel down and beginner patterns, through to essential pedal vocab in all of todays playing styles; 8th and 16th beats, 16th triplet grooves, 32nd note grooves, how to strengfthen the weaker foot (typically the left). Also a great deal of time is dedicated to pedal independence; that is the ability to play the pedals independantly of the hands or vice versa! More




This digital download course takes a unique approach to teaching the drums, by teaching you how to re-orchestrate what you already know to get unique sounding beats and fills. Definitely a lot easier to grasp and less overwhelming than being presented with 100's of patterns that are all different from each other. You are taught 5 beat core patterns, and 5 fill core patterns, with 4 variations on each. Each core pattern is treated as a mini workshop, and the learning curve is fast, because the concept is simple. More



Let's face it, everyone wishes they could play faster. Few people however, understand what kind of practice routine will get you there. Fewer still understand that being able to control your speed at different tempos and volumes is critical in actually being able to use your speed in any musical context.

Ultimate Speed & Control Workout is essentially 5 products in 1. You get the broken down explanation of every exercise. You get the practice routine videos themselves at all tempo ranges. You get a printable PDF file of every exercise, an audio Ezybeat video of every exercise. Finally you get MP3 files of every instructional and workout video to rip to your iPod. More



A brand new set of 15 exciting drum solos for performance in concerts, gigs, exams and recitals. Featuring 5 unique and challenging solos in each of the beginner, intermediate and advanced categories, these solos will challenge and inspire your solo playing. What makes this package different other than the printable PDF, you get a full Workshop video where all the phrases, techniques, trouble spots etc are completely broken down in fine detail. You also get one long Ezybeat video where the entire notation is played to you with a cursor and live audio in the background. You also get a full Performance video of each solo. More



All the material from the original 12 disc course, which was shot from the snow to the desert to the rainforest! Now re filmed at 4 brand new locations, RATK 2.0 is the worlds largest and most complete training system on applying the rudiments around the drumkit as beats, fills and solo ideas. The rudiments are the building blocks of drumming and one of the best ways to build up a great vocab of ideas to play around the drums - in any style! If you've hit a brick wall with your creativity on the kit, or just can't seem to figure out the fills you hear your favorite drummers play, then RATK is the package that will reignite your drumming and take it to the next level. More



The world's very first drum DVD shot entirely outdoors (Jan 2008), FAID takes you through advanced concepts like applying metric modulations, beat displacements, polyrhythms and more, and shows you step by step how to introduce these concepts into your playing. Traditionally thought of as difficult material, FAID shows you that once you understand how these ideas "work" - ANYONE can use them in their playing. If you're looking to take your drumming to the advanced level, FAID is the package for you. More


THE DRUM QUIZ SHOW - digital version coming very soon!

The Drum Quiz Show is the world's first interactive video software for drum lessons. TDQS tests your knowledge with 100's of videos of a huge variety of styles, like Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Latin and heaps more. The software plays a video example, you choose the answer from the notation options below. Beat your highest score! Lots of fun, easy to use, and very educational. Different levels from the beginner through to the advanced student.



How To Clean Up Your Drum Rolls Digital, gives you a complete blueprint for executing perfectly seamless, clean rolls. The most common problem people face when playing rolls is getting lost inside the roll. Most people have the "panic roll", which is where they randomly play as fast as possible in a roll. The problem here is they have no idea where they are at any given time in the roll, making it virtually impossible to end the roll exactly in time. How To Clean Up Your Drum Rolls shows you how to choose a correct hand speed for the tempo you're playing at, to ensure your rolls start and end, on tome, every time. More



WTF is geared towards the time pressed drummer, who wants awesome drum fills, and lots of them, fast. Instead of presenting lot's of different fills that are all completely different, WTF gives you a small number of core sticking patterns in triplets, and teaches you many ways to play that same sticking/footing pattern around the kit. This makes learning faster as you never have to re learn a new pattern until you've learnt all the variations of the previous one. More



Wicked 16th Fills is geared towards the time pressed drummer, who wants awesome drum fills, and lots of them, fast. Instead of presenting lot's of different fills that are all completely different, WTF gives you a small number of core sticking patterns in 16th notes, and teaches you many ways to play that same sticking/footing pattern around the kit. This makes learning faster as you never have to re learn a new pattern until you've learnt all the variations of the previous one. More

Need Workbooks?

Aside from video products, we also produce PDF downloadable Workbooks that you can print out, spiral bind and take to your music stand. We have just as many teachers use our books to teach from, as we do students. Books come with MP3 back tracks (minus drums) where specified.


The PDF workbooks cover stacks of things not taught in the DVD's, in this first book for instance there is over 140 pages. Topics in the beginner book include reading rhythms, rests and time signatures, navigating drum charts, reading drum solos. Rock, blues, funk, RnB, double bass, triplet beats and fills, 1 bar & 2 beat fills, salsa, samba, bossa, afro cuban, batucada, soca, African styles, wedding dances, traditional dances, independence and heaps more. Downloaded as a printable PDF, this workbook also works in an interactive sense - you can click the chapters in the Table Of Contents to be taken straight to that page. More


For the advanced student, this PDF workbook assumes you already have a well rounded understanding of all the techniques and styles taught in the beginner book. Topics taught include; The 2 Sound Level Concept, Metric Modulations, Polyrhythms, Beat Displacements, Artificial Rhythms, Linear Beats and Fills, Meter Shifting, Phrasing around the beat and over the bar line, Finger Snapping, Permutations and more. More



* Tuned percussion
* Un-tuned percussion
* 2 and 4 mallet grip for keyboard percussion
* Auxillery percussion
* Hand drumming
* Reading regular music


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