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"Yes! The "Expansion Concept" Increases Your Beat And Fill Vocab,
Without You Ever Having To Learn A New Pattern."

Take What You Already Know And Gain New Beats And Fills From It!

Dear Friend,

Everyone is looking for the fastest way to improve on the drums. You can buy countless books, DVD's and download courses that will teach you new content in many styles. But did you know that the real way to improve quickly, is to take what you already know and learn to re-orchestrate it around the drumkit?

What if you didn't have to learn a new sticking pattern, but could still get heaps of new sounding beats and fills?

From my own private teaching, I've found one of the most daunting things my students face is having to learn 100's of exercises, in just as many styles. And it's true - it can be a very confronting experience. Much easier, is to focus on one pattern, and learn how to re-orchestrate it around the drumkit, multiple times over.

Let me introduce you to Groove And Fill Expansion System.

Here is what you will learn:

This digital download course takes a different approach to increasing your vocab on the drumkit. Instead of presenting you with 100's of patterns, which are all different from each other, you're presented with only a few patterns (5 beats and 5 fills to be exact), and taught 4 variations of each beat or fill.

The beauty is you pick the variations up really quickly and get a very quick learning curve, because it is simply much easier to re-orchestrate something you alredy know, than to re learn an entirely new exercise from scratch.

Want to see this in action? Watch the 2 short videos below to see a very quick montage of a beat, followed by 4 re-orchestrations!


And here's a couple of re-orchestrations of fills.


Now obviously these videos are showing the fills at full speed,
and you're not seeing the detailed breakdown and instruction, but you can see how the beats and fills start to take on a life of their own, with just a few simple tweaks.

Aside from all the download videos, you also get a printable PDF that shows you every single beat and fill core pattern and variation.

As you can see, Groove And Fill Expansion System teaches you more beats and fills, faster. Invest the time once, reap the rewards many times over. Additionally, once we teach you how to think in this way, you will be able to come up with many more of your own examples that aren't in this video course!

So how do you get a hold of this amazing training pack? Simply place your order below while the sale is on, and you will be immediately taken to the download page, where you can begin download your files!

What format are the video files? Quicktime .mov files. Why? Because they are the best files to use for cross flatform viewing. All Windows, Mac, tablet and smartphones can view mov files. The same can't be said for WMV or MP4.

All yours for the one time payment of $27US!