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Dear Drummer,

What is it that makes great drummers stand out from Average Joe?

A huge part of what makes a drummer proficient or not is their conceptual understanding. There are loads of drummers out there with fast hands and feet, but without the knowledge of how to apply that technique within beats, fills, styles and solos, you essentially have a Ferrari with no steering wheel or brakes!
I used to sneak into gigs when I was younger and watch some of my favorite drummers play..

After every gig I left with the same, frustrating feeling. The problem was the drummers I was watching had technique that was no better than mine, yet I hadn't the faintest idea what on earth they were playing.. What was it they were doing - which sounded so good?
So I bailed some of these drummers up for a couple of lessons!

What I quickly began to realize was, what I lacked was an understanding of interesting rhythmic concepts. Sure I understood basic rhythms and syncopations, but as I soon found out, the things that sounded REALLY cool (which were also the things I heard many famous drummers play on records), were things like:

* Linear Funk Styles
* Metric Modulations
* Beat Displacements
* Polyrhythms

I also quickly realized that none of this stuff was that difficult to understand, although it definitely sounded foreign at first! I'd shied away from these ideas in the beginning because they sounded so advanced, but in reality they were just..


Believe me, if you can count to 7 you can play all of the standard polyrhythms. If you can play 8ths, triplets or 16ths then you have what it takes to play metric modulations and beat displacements.
The problem is understanding the basic rules of how these concepts work - mathematically. Once you learn these basic concepts your playing will jump to a whole new level - I guarantee it!
So, with that in mind I created the worlds first instructional DVD set detailing the EXACT concepts, methods and formulas used in what people think of as advanced drumming (good news - it's not that advanced)..

Funk & Illusion Drumming is the worlds first drumming DVD filmed at exotic locations outdoors!

Let's take a look at what each section covers.



16th Linear Beats
Triplet Linear Beats
16th + Triplet Basic Units
Soul Stomp Beats
32nd Note Grooves
2 Bar Split Beats
New Jack Swing
Gospel Beats
Odd Accent Beats
..and heaps more!



Basic Concept
Strength Of Implied Time 1, 2 and 3
8ths to Triplets
Triplets to 8ths
16ths to Triplets



Basic Concept
Displacing Quarters
Displacing 8ths
Displacing 16ths
* both forward and backward *



The Formula For Working Out ANY Polyrhythm!
2 over 3
3 over 4
2 over 5
3 over 5
4 over 5
2 over 7
3 over 7
4 over 7
PLUS! All the above Polyrhythms taught from scratch and applied in beats!

Plus Over 100 New Backing Tracks To Match Each Exercise. All backing music from the Ezybeats included WITH drums as a reference when learning new beats. These tracks come WITH drums and WITHOUT drums for your listening reference.