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"It's Time. You Will Now Re-ignite Your Drumming With Drum Solos Specifically Designed
Around Your Style And Ability Level! Arm Yourself With A Performance Vocab
For Any Playing Situation!"

Do you feel uncomfortable improvising on the drums in front of people?
What if you had a set of solos up your sleeve you could rip out on call?

Dear Drummer,

If you're like most people, you feel uncomfortable improvising around the drums in front of people, or even on your own.
Sometimes it can be downright frustrating knowing that you've put in the practice and have definite ability on the drums, but can't always show it on cue.. How many times have you gone to play the drums, or been asked to play the drums, and have been stuck trying to execute something that truly showcases what you can do on the drums? You're left feeling annoyed that you can't demonstrate the things you KNOW you can play.

9 Times out of 10 the problem is not your ability, it's usually that you haven't put all your ideas together yet into a musical solo. Your solos are a random bag of jumbled ideas! They need structure, phrasing and direction. The best solos are not just random shredding as fast as you can for 2 minutes - that get's old real quick. A solo that's musically coherent with a variety of clever ideas wins every single time.

This is where Performance Solos For Drumkit (PSFD) can help!


Performance Solos For Drumkit was designed for drummers who want to be able to properly showcase their talents behind the drumkit, on demand. Included are 15 solos - 5 beginner, 5 intermediate and 5 advanced covering a huge range of drumming styles, such as: Rock, Pop, Blues, Shuffle, Funk, Fusion, Afro Cuban, Samba, Batucada, Salsa, Half Time Shuffle, Gospel, Mallets, Cross Phrasing, Linear Drumming and more!

When would I use these solos? In literally ANY playing situation. At a gig, a drum expo, a school concert, a drum exam, a recital, a party - the choices are endless.

The 3 Problems You Face With Most Drum Solo Books Or DVD's..

As you probably already know, there are lots of good books and DVD's on the market that deal with drum solos. Unfortunately though, there are quite a few realities that hit home once you've paid your money..

1. Many drum solo DVD's give you ideas to work on, but not ACTUAL solos to perform.
2. Most drum solo books don't actually TEACH you how to play the solos, this leaves you guessing.
3. Most drum solo books don't have a VIDEO file demonstrating every single solo as it should be played.

Whilst a certain amount of performance is of course your own interpretation, you're often left wondering if you're ever really playing the solos properly... PSFD was created to get around these problems, by not only creating 15 unique solos, but actually TEACHING you how to play them - step by step!

OK, So what's included in Performance Solos For Drumkit?

PSFD comes in 3 parts:

1) Instantly printable PDF files to get you started right away

2) Full HD video of every solo - wondering what it should look and sound like? Watch the video!

3) Full instructional videos on every solo. Take out all the guesswork - I explain exactly how each solo is supposed to sound.