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"Want Life Long, Pain Free Drumming?
Avoid The Common Injuries & Postural Problems Drumming Can Give You!"

Whether You're A Pro, Amatuer, Weekend Warrior Or Just Play A Lot, The Drumming Body Is A Must See! Develop Your Functional, Mobile & Flexible Drumming Body Today.


Dear Drummer,

Are you serious about your drumming health? Do you want to be able to play the drums for the rest of your life without any injuries or postural problems? If so, listen up! Drumming as we know has many health benefits; you train both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, develop motor skills, co-ordination and much more. But drumming can also lead to long term problems, even if you have great posture!

Unfortunately, as great as drumming is, it has a few inherint problems that left unchecked, can lead to very serious injuries and postural misalignment.

Consider the following:

1) Drumming uses all the muscles on the front of the body, and hardly any muscles on the back. What do you think this does to our physique over time? By comparison, the front muscles become stronger and tighter than those on the back, and this pulls our shoulders forward and rounds out our back, losing the natural "S Curve" in our lumber spine. Because our spine is now constantly curved, we have an ever mounting increased pressure on the discs in our spine. BAD NEWS.

2) When we play around the kit, we're constantly moving from the centre, to the right, and back again. You play some time (centre), then play a fill down the toms (centre to right), then come back again (right to centre). Your trunk is constantly twisting at least 45 degrees to the right. But when do you ever twist to the same degree to the left? Possibly, never? What do you think this is doing to your spine and hips? BAD NEWS.

You can see even from these 2 quick examples, that even if we have perfect posture, the mere nature of drumming movement is not symmetrical. Neither from front to back, or side to side. In fact, it is very unsymmetrical.

Can you imagine what your Physiotherapist would say, if you told him you did an exercise every day that required 100's of repetitions from the centre plain around to the right and back, and never once to the left? He'd be horrified. And he'd tell you you're a ticking time bomb for long term skeletal problems.
s If we analyse and are aware of what drumming movement can do to our bodies, we can do other exercises to correct our posture and strengthen the muscles NOT used in drumming. By strengthening these muscles we will pull our posture back into alignment, and by relaxing our tight drumming muscles with specific stretches, we can achieve functionality, mobility and flexibility - 3 things that are absolutely crucial to our drumming.

Introducing, the brand new video workshop, The Drumming Body!

Why The Drumming Body? There are some videos on the market that promote the typical "meat head" approach to gym training for drummers. Lift heavy weights, grow big muscles and that will improve your drumming. How ridiculous. First off, how can anything except practicing the drums, improve your drumming? And growing big, tight muscles (through Hypertrophy training - body building) is almost the EXACT WRONG type of training we drummers need. Great for posing at the beach, not practical for mobility, endurance and athleticism.

The Drumming Body is about achieving LIFE LONG, PAIN FREE DRUMMING. Yes we will need to do some exercises to square and strengthen our body (along with stretches to relax our body), but we won't be spending hours in the gym, eating 7 high protein meals a day or drinking creatine. We will train smarter, not harder.

The Drumming Body comes in 2 instantly downloadable video formats (you get both). MP4 at 1280x720 (high enough resolution to burn to DVD), which is fine for both Windows and MAC computers, plus every mobile device on the market (iPod, Neon, iPhone etc) and also WMV which is still the preferred option for Windows users.

The Drumming Body covers all of the following:

1 - Overview - analysis of drumming movement, potential problems, correct posture and classic injuries
2 - Types of resistance training (power, strength, hypertrophy, endurance, functional etc), and which is best for drummers
3 - Drumming neural activity benefits and neural pathways/motor skill development
4 - Tightness testing - how tight are you and where? Identifying YOUR potential problems
5 - Thoracic Kyphosis in depth (slouching, under rotation of hips), Scoliosis in the spine through years of poor posture
6 - Training long movements that both stretch and strengthen the muscle at the same time
7 - Take care of your all important back - specific stretches and exercises to maintain mobility and flexibility
8 - Specific compound exercises to form a short, but very effective exercise routine for drummers
9 - Nutrition for drummers, what to eat and when. How GI works and why excessive insulin in the body is a very bad thing
10 - Wrist and forearm stretches for drummers: front, back, inward and outward
11 - Neck, throat and shoulder stretches
12 - Benefit of compound exercises, training the muscles together in fluid motion, rather than in isolation (just like when drumming)

You can be watching The Drumming Body in the next 5 minutes!  Available for immediate download, it's never been easier to get your hands on this cutting edge information.