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What's new? We recently toured across Europe filming an exciting new drum lesson package; Euro Tour Drum Lessons. Here are some sample lessons from many of the desinations..

Jack Bennett is a professional drummer and teacher from Melbourne, Australia, with over 15 years experience in the industry. Having taught online, offline, and in private and public schools, Jack brings a wealth of teaching experience backed by over 2,000 professional gigs worldwide.

Jack performing at Summerfest 2015, supporting
Sneaky Sound System
jack bennett drums

Jack performing at the ICC Cricket World Cup Final 2015

jack bennettjack bennett drummer
Jack started Icanplaydrums.com in 2005, and it quickly rose to prominence as the premier free drum lesson website, offering lessons on every style of drumming, for every level of player. From pioneering the much copied split-screen Ezybeat clips, to shooting the first drum DVD's outdoors, Jack and the team at Icanplaydrums.com have been at the forefront of online drum lessons, since before the days of Youtube and Facebook. For bio information and photo gallery you can visit www.jackbennett.com.au

With a private mailing list of over 107,000 drummers, 20 million+ website views, millions of Youtube hits, an entire catalogue of DVD and Book products, a free members section of over 250 video lessons, playalongs and PDF's - Icanplaydrums.com has been purpose built to help any and every drummer across the globe, no matter what your background, experience or style preference.

Jack is sponsored internationally by Sleishman Drums, Vater Drumsticks and Prologix Percussion, and in 2009 Sleishman released the Jack Bennett Signature Snare Drum worldwide to critical acclaim. Poster here.

Jack, Icanplaydrums.com, and his DVD (now digital download) products have been featured in Rhythm UK Magazine (flawless 5 star review), Drumscene magazine and The Age newspaper.

RHYTHM UK MAG: "The best and certainly cheapest one-stop course I've ever seen!"
Awarded 5 stars.

Jack has created and produced the following products, available at Icanplaydrums.com for instant download:

* Ultimate Drumming Solution
* Total Drumming Success System
* Funk & Illusion Drumming
* Rudiments Around The Kit
* The Versatile Drummer
* The Practice Furnace
* The Drumming Body
* Performance Solos For Drumkit
* Ultimate Speed & Control Workout
* Wicked Triplet Fills
* Wicked 16th Fills
* How To Clean Up Your Drum Rolls
* Groove & Fill Expansion System
* Bass Drum Solution
** Icanplaydrums Beginner/Intermediate Workbook
** Icanplaydrums Advanced Workbook

Drum Lessons Outoors?

In 2007 Jack Bennett filmed the worlds first drum lesson DVD's shot entirely outdoors at random locations; including the snow, desert, rainforest and more. Why? Something different. Here's a few sample lessons.


Samples of Jack's playing.

Aside from lessons, Jack posts videos of solos, gigs and covers from time to time. Here's a selection of recent ones.


Gig Shots.

Outside of Icanplaydrums.com, Jack maintains a busy performing schedule around Melbourne. Here are some recent shots.





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